Alborz Province Woes Grow With Four Prisons

Alborz Province Woes Grow With Four PrisonsAlborz Province Woes Grow With Four Prisons

The establishment of four prisons has exacerbated problems, including infrastructural, in the new province of Alborz.

Alborz Province was formed four years ago with the division of Tehran Province, after parliamentary approval on June 23, 2010.  The province has faced numerous problems since its formation, particularly due to its proximity to the capital. Establishment of large industries and heavy traffic on highways passing through the province, have also aggravated the situation, and there is an urgent need to address them at the earliest, reports IRNA.

“Due to its proximity to Tehran, the capital’s problems have spilled over into Alborz Province in various areas,” said Hamid Tahaee, governor-general of Alborz Province, adding that “the province hosts 3,500 industrial units, most of whose employees are migrants who have taken the jobs of native workers.”

The establishment of four prisons has added to the problems in social, cultural and economic areas. “Alborz does not have enough space to host families who travel to the city to visit their relatives in prison. Some of the families even stay near the prisons in makeshift dwellings,” he said.

The average population growth in the country is 1.2%, while the figure is higher in Alborz which has led to an increase in informal settlements in Eshtehard, Mohammadshahr and Garmdarreh cities.

“This imposes greater pressure on basic services like electricity, water, sanitation, health and housing, as the situation was not foreseen.” The current infrastructure and amenities do not meet the needs of the provincial population growth rate of 3.7%.”

Currently, 80% of the country’s offenders are kept in the four prisons of Alborz, he said, pointing out that “two of the prisons - Ghezel Hesar and Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) - are the country’s biggest.”

Alborz Province is a destination for criminals, not the origin of crime; given that the province is like a security belt for the capital, it requires greater attention.


 Historical Attractions

Alborz has many hills and castles. It also has numerous archeological sites in Sabojbolagh and Eshtehard, Karaj county, which can attract tourists and earn the province additional revenue.

 Karaj is the provincial capital. Situated northwest of Tehran, at the foothills of the Alborz Mountains, the province has four counties, Karaj, Savojbolagh, Taleghan and Nazarabad and is the smallest in area among the 31 provinces in Iran.