Literacy Program for Afghans

Literacy Program for AfghansLiteracy Program for Afghans

Close to 15,000 Afghans legally residing in Iran will be covered by the literacy campaign in the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21).

In line with a government directive, the Literacy Movement Organization (LMO) should register and educate illiterate foreigners above the age of 10 who have legal residency in Iran, said deputy of the education ministry, Ali Baqerzadeh.

Meanwhile, the LMO has prepared and dispatched around 3,000 educational books, CDs, and teachers’ manuals to Afghanistan in the past two years, Alef reports. Afghanistan faces a low literacy rate of 35-40% in all age groups.

The LMO campaign has reduced the number of foreign illiterates in the age group 10-49 in Iran, coming down to 250,000 from 430,000. “In the previous year (ended March 20), the LMO covered 13,000 Afghans, in addition to the 3,500 taught by international education organizations. The government and international organizations provide the required funding for the programs.