Trust Fund for Infertile Couples

Trust Fund for Infertile CouplesTrust Fund for Infertile Couples

A new plan to assist infertile couples through a trust fund is underway, covering 70% of the costs through insurance from the earlier 30%.

The ‘Infertile Couples’ Trust Funds’ will provide extensive support in line with Supreme Leader Ayatollah  Seyed Ali Khamenei’s call to boost the population growth rate, said Ashraf Al-Yassin, dean of gynecology department at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tabnak reports.

Additionally, the designated trust funds will cover two-third of the costs for couples using IVF for the first time, “as long as the procedure is undertaken in university facilities,” he added.  

 Data System

The trust funds will provide upgrading of medical equipment in state-run centers.

 “The health ministry is determined to establish a data system, where all domestic fertility centers can update the results per treatment cycle,” Al-Yassin said.

Currently, between 11 to 15 % of couples suffer from infertility, and treatment costs are high. Lack of fertility centers, and inadequate insurance cover, had exacerbated the problems of infertile couples.

 Building fertility centers in underprivileged areas such as Zahedan, Zabol, and Lorestan are included in the support plan.