Master Plan for Female Breadwinners

Master Plan for Female Breadwinners Master Plan for Female Breadwinners

Nearly 7000 women have been identified as family providers in Rey county (Tehran Province), and categorized on the basis of age, number of children, and place of residence under the Master Plan for Female Family Providers, said Zahra Saii, director general of  women’s affairs  at the Tehran governorate.

“The pilot scheme in Rey county will undergo revisions and corrections in line with the perspective of the nationwide master plan for women breadwinners,” Saii said, reports ISNA.

Entrepreneurs have been invited to collaborate with the Woman Affairs Organization in providing training to women in various skills. The ministry of agricultural jihad will contribute to trust funds provided for Rey county towns and villages.

In the second phase of the plan, selected women will receive professional skills training to prepare them for the job market. The master plan includes extensive market research, creating permanent jobs, quality production of goods, as well as identifying potential entrepreneurs and NGOs.

The State Welfare Organization (SWO) will cooperate in providing psychological and counseling services through workshops, books, and CDs for women-headed households. Financial security and stability is the preliminary need of the households,” the official added.