Choosing the Right Spouse

Choosing the Right SpouseChoosing the Right Spouse

The ‘Healthy Marriage’ program based on the policy to increase the population growth rate will continue in the current calendar year (started March 21), said Gelayol Ardalan, director of Adolescents, Youth and School Health Office, affiliated to the ministry of health and medical education.

Since youngsters are not exposed to coeducational systems till they are 18 years of age, most marriages that happen in varsities “are irrational and detrimental,” IRNA quoted her as saying.

At present, 2.5% of the youth in the age group 18 to 29 are drug addicts. The average age of marriage has increased to 27-30 in men, and 24-27 in women even in rural areas. Additionally, 20% of men and 2% of women are chain smokers. Further, 6,000 people in the country are living with AIDS unaware that they are infected, she pointed out.

The ‘Healthy Marriage’ program covers various psychological aspects of matrimony “given that risky sexual behavior is growing worldwide and addressing the issue is essential.” The scheme helps educate youngsters on proper spousal selection and marital responsibilities.

 Target Groups

Currently, 200,000 medical and paramedical students are targeted under the program in cooperation with psychologists, counselors, and field scholars on the subject in 15 different universities.

Nearly 30,000 educational packages have been distributed in all national universities of medical sciences to disseminate information.

Ardalan said the draft of the Youth Health Plan is ready but not finalized yet. Hossein Motamednia, a senior official at the ministry of youth and sports, said the matter is being pursued. Marriage and reproductive health, psychological and social health, accident prevention, healthy lifestyle, and creating awareness on risky sexual conduct as well as addiction, are among the strategic focus areas of the document.