Checks on Illiteracy

Checks on IlliteracyChecks on Illiteracy

Social restrictions will be set for illiterate people between 10-49 years of age who refuse to acquire literacy, says Ali Bagherzadeh, deputy minister of education and head of the Literacy Movement Organization (LMO). Illiterates have been given a one-year grace period until the end of the current calendar year (March 20, 2016) to join the literacy programs free of charge, failing which “they will have to pay for education services as of next year.” They will also be denied the right to obtain or renew driving licenses and business licenses from the relevant organizations, he said, ISNA reported. Illiterates under pension coverage of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation or Social Welfare Organization will also face restrictions. Incentive packages including education costs, free stationary, and 10 percent of transportation charges are given to those joining the literacy programs.