Lifting Morale of Conscripts

Lifting Morale of ConscriptsLifting Morale of Conscripts

The Law Enforcement Force is taking initiative to implement complementary projects to make conscription “more pleasant for draftees,” said a senior police official Brigadier Mohammad Javadzadeh Kamand.

The policy is being pursued for more than three years now, and arrangements have been made to make the mandatory military service “enjoyable, and involve draftees in a multitude of areas that can be of use after they complete their service,” Mehr News Agency quoted him as saying at the 7th National Festival of Young Soldiers in Tehran. Thirty-six assiduous soldiers were introduced and accredited.

He stressed that conscripts serving within and outside cities or in border regions have helped defend national security. The main event of the festival on May 18 saw the awarding of 10 diligent conscripts.

The event was hosted by the Police Force and attended by Commanding Officer of Ground Forces Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, and the armed forces.

The awardees will each receive 20 million rials ($603), and will be sent on pilgrimage, Javadzadeh Kamand said. “But none will be granted privileges such as shortened conscription period.”

Performance in terms of austerity, defense, national pride, solemnity, cultural and artistic activities, piety and devoutness, innovation and technology, sports and social discipline were among the criteria for selecting the illustrious soldiers.

He also announced that “Soldier Houses” will be established soon where draftees can spend leisure time after their daily work. The houses with various amenities “will help lift the spirits and morale of the serving recruits.”