Nurses Willing to Help Yemen’s War-Stricken

Nurses Willing to Help Yemen’s War-StrickenNurses Willing to Help Yemen’s War-Stricken

An online system has opened for volunteer nurses to sign up for Yemen to provide assistance in the war-stricken nation, said Saeed Lak, director of public relations at the Iranian Nursing Organization (INO).

“Following requests by nurses to be sent to Yemen to provide aid to the injured and the vulnerable, a site ‘Helping Yemen’ was added to INO’s website where volunteers can register,” he said, Mehr News Agency reported.

The INO has been training a team of nurses in the past four years during which 30 of the best and most experienced female and male nurses from emergency rooms and intensive care units “attended crisis management courses for natural disasters and tough situations.”

They will be sent as soon as the situation warrants,” Lak said.