Constructions Cause Concern, TM Blamed

Constructions Cause Concern, TM Blamed	Constructions Cause Concern, TM Blamed

Building projects around Sepah Square in central Tehran have drawn mixed response from observers. The constructions are seen as a threat to the historical monument ‘Kolah Farangi’ and have been criticized by the municipality, and the city council alike, but a member of Tehran City Council has shed new light on the issue.

In an interview with Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA), Abolfazl Ghanati held the mayor of district 7 responsible for the construction. Whenever a permit request is sent from a military-affiliated organization to the municipality - as in this case, the district mayor has to announce his decision formally. But since he failed to announce his decision within the 15-day limit, he must be held accountable since the constructors deemed the mayor’s silence on the issue “as a sign of consent’’.

‘’The municipality, by refusing to weigh in even after the early stages of construction had started, is guilty of misconduct and negligence,’’ Ghanati said. ‘’Our observation has shown that the mayor should be held accountable,’’ he said.

 Halt Construction

Meanwhile, Pejman Pashmchizade, urban development deputy at Tehran Municipality said that constructions around Sepah square must end due to the harm they cause to the historical texture of the area as well as the surrounding open green space.

This comes as several other bodies - including the Supreme Council of Urban Development has objected to the plan. Abdolhossein Mokhtabad, a city council member also warned that the historical monument around the square is already in a critical condition. It is hoped that the cultural and historical heritage of the place remains unharmed – at least the main part.