First Medicinal Herbs Garden in Fars

First Medicinal Herbs Garden in Fars
First Medicinal Herbs Garden in Fars

The first medicinal herbs garden in Fars Province has been established in Shiraz and will soon be ready for exploitation, said Ali Javaheri, technical deputy of the provincial Natural Resources and Watershed Department.

Close to 200 species of medicinal herbs will be planted in the garden which spreads over four hectares.  

The garden has been set up in collaboration with a private company to revive and expand production of medicinal plants in the country, ISNA reported.

It would also be a research project and provide information to Natural Resources Institution, Agricultural Jihad, besides medical universities, pharmaceutical industry and the private sector.

The other objectives of the garden are: prevent extinction of endangered herbal species, improve existing species, encourage planting of non-native species, supply cuttings and seeds to researchers, separate toxic from non-toxic strains and increase employment opportunities.

The negative effect of chemical drugs has changed people’s preferences and the demand for herbal medicine is growing. Unfortunately, less than 10% of medicinal plants are used for the purpose.

At present the known species in Fars Province include Asafetida, Galbanum, Licorice, thyme, caraway, sage and narcissus flower.