Misplaced Billboards Traffic Hazard

Misplaced Billboards Traffic HazardMisplaced Billboards Traffic Hazard

Misplaced billboards along the roadsides are among the causes for traffic accidents in the capital, according to Brigadier Teymour Hosseini, head of Tehran Traffic Police.

“Inattention to traffic in front is among the main causes of road collisions in Tehran and inappropriately placed billboards help intensify them,” Mehr News Agency quoted him as saying. On the project by the municipality to turn the city into a vast gallery, he said “it has not affected the rate of traffic accidents as the nature of the billboards, be it commercial or cultural, is irrelevant.” He said billboards must be located in a way that the driver’s attention is not distracted. “The design and words must also be short to quickly convey the message.”