Austria Seeks Traditional Medicine Knowhow

Austria Seeks Traditional Medicine KnowhowAustria Seeks Traditional Medicine Knowhow

A n Austrian delegation from the Traditional European Medicine (TEM) Academy visited the School of Traditional Medicine affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences on Saturday and showed interest in the transfer of traditional Iranian medicine knowhow.

“We are very keen to have Iranian field professors in our academy,” said Erna Janisch, TEM director.

The academy is seeking student exchange programs and joint projects with the Iranian school, IRNA reported.

Noting that their experience vastly impressed the team, Janisch further said, “the scientific bridge between Iran and Austria was initially built with the establishment of Darolfonoon (the first modern university and institution of higher learning in Iran set up during the Qajar era), and we are glad the relationship is being revived today.”

TEM Academy was founded in 2006 in the Austrian capital Vienna to exchange and preserve the invaluable knowledge of traditional medicine, and to study ways to make it applicable in the modern world.

Given that ‘Canon of Medicine’ by Persian philosopher Avicenna, is currently being taught at the academy as the primary textbook, and also its complex and intricate fundamental concepts, “we are looking forward to having Iranian experts teach the book to field students,” she stressed, adding that Austrian physicians and pharmacists are interested in taking short-term and long-term certificate courses at Tehran University.

 MoU Soon

Head of Tehran Traditional Medicine School Dr. Hossein Rezayizadeh referred to the cooperation by the Tehran University and the deputy office for traditional medicine at the health ministry in securing bilateral relations with the Austrian side, and said “the negotiations will soon be implemented on priority through a memorandum of understanding.”

Tehran University of Medical Sciences is the only university authorized to make alterations in curriculums and study period for foreign students. Their Ph.D. duration is shorter than that of national students, and they can also apply to receive university scholarships.

Specialized courses on skin diseases, neurology, digestive ailments, as well as increasing living quality of cancer patients may also be held for students of TEM Academy, he said.

Rezayizadeh also suggested that the academy could be authorized to perform as the educational hub for traditional Iranian medicine in Europe so as to draw students from all European nations.