Semnan to Hold First Pomegranate Festival

 Semnan to Hold First Pomegranate Festival  Semnan to Hold First Pomegranate Festival

Amir Mazaheri, CEO of Park and Green Space Organization, Semnan Province, announced that the first pomegranate festival will be held in Semnan in October. 

He said pomegranate trees would be planted in the streets, alleys, and homes of people to cherish this heavenly fruit. Semnan has long celebrated agricultural crops in their harvest season, especially pomegranates, ISNA quoted him as saying.

The official added that 'pomegranate harvest celebration' is one of the oldest traditions in the province, its villages and counties such as Jazin. The ancient custom observed in autumn is also an opportunity to promote regional tourism.

Numerous pomegranates gardens are found around Semnan peripheries especially south of the city and around the airport. About 110 hectares of orchards are planted with pomegranate trees, which produce over 20,000 tons of the fruit.

Saveh's 'Red Ruby'

Meanwhile Hossein Ghassemi, head of Agriculture Jihad in central Saveh pointed out that severe heat and sudden cold this year had resulted in 30% reduction in pomegranate production in Saveh, Markazi Province.

High temperatures and scorching heat had affected 2,200 hectares of pomegranate trees leading to a decline in the quality of the province's famous fruit, he said.

The severe heat had also caused deep fissures in the bark of pomegranate trees, destroying them. Thus they are drooping, the leaves falling, and the fruits are not growing to their normal size. 

Saveh's 'Red Ruby' is famous worldwide for its juicy seeds, but the severe heat has harmed 25% of its production. Decline in quality, atrophied fruit and fall in pomegranate prices as a result, are among concerns of growers today, he added.

The official pointed out that cold weather and wind storms at 100 km/h at the beginning of the year had also heavily damaged pomegranate gardens.

Out of the 19,000 hectares of fruit orchards in the town, 9,000 are pomegranate and Saveh is the biggest producer of the fruit. The best quality: Saveh Malas, Tabriz Malas, Aalak, Mohammadali Khani, and Yousof Khani, grow in abundance. Not having pests, these varieties last long in storage and the beautiful color of their skin and seeds are famous features earning them the name of 'Red Ruby.'