Brain Stroke at Lower Age in Iran

Brain Stroke at Lower Age in IranBrain Stroke at Lower Age in Iran

The 22nd Congress of Neurology and Clinical Electrophysiology of Iran from May 12-15 will host 1,000 international and national scientists and professionals.

Dr. Masoud Nabavi, congress chairperson, said at a press conference, that this year’s event seeks an innovative approach and “compared with previous years, there are more educational workshops; discussions will cover conflicting neurology topics, new challenges in brain cycle, competition among professionals, and legal and ethical issues in neurology,” he said quoted by ISNA. In addition, 164 posters are to be presented.

Dr. Majid Ghaffarpour, head of Brain and Neuroscience Research Center at Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex, and honorary congress president, announced the establishment of brain stroke emergency centers in remote places noting that such centers are crucial “as brain cell loss is a quick and irreversible damage.”

 While brain stroke fatalities have declined remarkably in advanced countries, the average age of brain stroke fatalities in Iran is still 10 years below global average.

Ghaffarpour said tPA ( its imports have been affected by western sanctions) intake is 0.5% in Iran, while in advanced countries it is 15%, and the correct usage of this medication can treat one-third of stroke patients.

 PLAT or tPA is the only FDA approved treatment for ischemic strokes which works by dissolving the clot and improving blood flow to the part of the brain deprived of it. If administered within 3 hours (and up to 4.5 hours in some patients), it can improve chances of recovery from stroke.

President of Iranian Neurological Association, Dr. Hossein Pakdaman, commended the promising brain and neuroscience research in Iran. “The number of neurologists increased from 20 to 63 in the first 7 years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.”

At present, there are 1023 neurologists, of whom 423 work in Tehran. Nevertheless, the national rate of 1.34 neurologists per 100,000 citizens is below global standards, he noted.  

Tehran’s Olympic Hotel is the conference venue.