Tehran Drinking Water Safe

Tehran Drinking Water SafeTehran Drinking Water Safe

Despite changes in drinking water sources, including supply of more well water, Tehran’s drinking water is safe and there are no health hazards; the health ministry has given a clean bill to the city’s water supply, said Tehran Governor Seyed Hossein Hashemi.

The only official authority qualified to comment on the state of drinking water and other health matters is the health ministry, he said, adding that “all other opinion is not valid unless confirmed by the ministry, Alef News Agency reported.

Tehran water quality was better in the past due to greater use of surface water and dams than well water. “However, at present the water is safe and not a threat to health.” On April 25, Mohammad Haqqani, head of the environmental committee of Tehran City Council expressed doubts on water safety by noting “the presence of phenol compounds” in municipal water supply. However, later he retracted his statement.  Phenol is a compound that is used in water treatment. It creates health problems for humans. Earlier there were reports that the city water contains nitrate.