SIM Cards for Children

SIM Cards for ChildrenSIM Cards for Children

Special SIM cards for children’s use and parental control will enter the market, said Mahmoud Vaezi, minister of communications and information technology. “Parents will have full control over how the SIM card is used by children, such as incoming and outgoing calls,” he said, quoted by IRIB News.  Currently, the Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (Hamrah-e-Aval or MCI) and Rightel are ready to distribute children’s SIM cards; “MTN-Irancell is next in line with SIM cards for 47,500 rials ($ 1.6) each,” he added.

Vaezi said the purpose of children’s SIM cards is to protect the youth and families from anti-religious and unethical social media, and to ensure respect for people’s right to privacy.