No Relief From Air Pollution

No Relief From Air PollutionNo Relief From Air Pollution

The head of Tehran City Council health committee said that the reopening of schools in late September has exacerbated air pollution in the capital.

Rahmatollah Hafezi told Mehr News Agency that since “the sources of pollution are multiple, there is no immediate relief.” He further said that non-standard fuel and dust particles” are not the only factors to blame and the issue of air pollution is more complex.”

Hafezi said only a small fraction of particles come from outside regions and “industrial activities inside the city during night time are the main contributors of hazardous particles in the air.” Although no change will occur in the short run, however, if a continued strategy is employed, the problem can be successfully tackled within 3 or 4 years.

 White Flies

Hafezi also said that white flies which have recently swarmed the capital will disappear in three weeks. The flies increased due to hot temperatures and the overuse of pesticides in provinces west of Tehran. There is no cause for worry over these innocuous creatures as they pose no threat to people or crops. The best way to get rid of them is to “wash them away.”