MPO Confirms Recruitment of 5000 Teachers

MPO Confirms Recruitment of 5000 TeachersMPO Confirms Recruitment of 5000 Teachers

The recruitment of 5000 new teachers has been approved by the Management and Planning Organization (MPO), said Ali Asghar Fani, education minister.

Pre-elementary teachers and teachers’ families will get priority in employment, he said, quoted by ISNA.

According to a statute of the Farhangian University - a university of teacher education and human resources development of the ministry of education - teachers can be hired through the university recruitment process or an efficiency test. Recruits will be employed after testing and receive one-year training for a career in education, said Fani.

Pointing to the hike in salaries of elementary school teachers, he added: “Low salaries are not merely a problem of the past two years.” The salary of more than 300,000 teachers was hiked last year but “we need serious action to balance the gross differences between emoluments of teachers and employees in other fields.”  The budget allocated to the education ministry saw a 26% increase in 2014 compared to the previous year. For the first time, the budget almost doubled. Also in the new calendar year (started March 21), the ministry saw another 23% budgetary increase, the minister said.

 Local Employment

Local employment is a government policy in education to stop displacement of teachers after being employed. A huge number of teachers are annually hired in cities other than their hometown. “This is a serious problem we face,” he noted.

The distribution of educational staff is not balanced in terms of gender, qualification and geographic locations. The ministry is trying to solve the problem. Under the local employment plan, the country was classified in regions in 2014. Since then, teachers have been employed in their own region.