Food Prize Laureate to Attend Biotech Meet in Tehran

Food Prize Laureate to Attend Biotech Meet in TehranFood Prize Laureate to Attend Biotech Meet in Tehran

The First International Biotechnology Congress will be held from May 24 to 26 in Tehran at the Shahid Beheshti University’s international conference center.

“The congress will cover topics in medical and plant biotechnology, plant tissue culture, agricultural microbiology, plant genetic engineering, and plant genomics” said Kasra Esfahani, executive secretary of the First International and 9th Iranian Biotechnology Congress, quoted by the Iranian Agriculture News Agency (IANA).

He noted that additional themes such as pharmaceutical biotechnology, food industry, micro-organisms, animal bio-technology, industry and mine, natural environment, bio-informatics, bio-systems, and ethical issues in bio-technology will also be covered in the congress. Nearly “1,200 articles were submitted and 1000 will be presented in the poster sessions,” he added.

Scientists and experts in the field of biotechnology gather at this congress every two years to exchange the latest findings.

Behzad Ghare-Yazi, who is in charge of international guests, said the congress is host to 10 biotechnology experts, including  Marc Van Montagu, the 2013 World Food Prize laureate, and scientists from Japan, China, Hungary, India, Philippines, Mongolia, Pakistan, Iraq, Spain, and Zimbabwe.

Special workshops have been organized during the course of the 3-day congress. The 3rd international biotech festival organized by the Iranian Biotechnology Society, will precede the congress and take place from May 21 to 23.