SOS From 8 Iranian Hikers in Himalayas

SOS From 8 Iranian Hikers in HimalayasSOS From 8 Iranian Hikers in Himalayas

Eight Iranian hikers, trapped in the Himalayas, urged the Iranian government to rescue them. They were climbing towards the mountain peaks in Nepal, but got lost following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Saturday (April 25), IRIB News reports. According to the group’s leader from Jahrom (Fars Province), the hikers arrived in Katmandu two days prior to the quake and commenced their climb; however only 14 hours later, the powerful earthquake struck. “The 5 hikers from Jahrom, and 3 from Tehran and Karaj are in good health and waiting to be rescued; but due to the destruction of bridges only choppers are of use” he said, noting that since the Jahrom group joined “as part of a Nepal tour” the Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation is not aware of their presence in the Himalayas.