Salary Hike For Teachers

Salary Hike For TeachersSalary Hike For Teachers

The budget for implementing the hike in salaries of teachers this year (started March 21) following the approval of the plan to evaluate teachers, will incur $397 million and the amount will be allocated by the Management and Planning Organization (MPO). The plan will be executed from the new academic year (starts September 23).

First Vice-President Eshhaq Jahangiri has notified the government’s approval on the “evaluation system of teachers” to the ministry of education, ministry of science, research and technology and the MPO for implementation.

According to the evaluation plan, teachers will be categorized in four ranks: basic, senior, expert and superlative, and will get 15, 25, 35 and 50 % increase respectively in their salaries, Alef News Agency reported.

The budget required for implementing the plan next year (starts March 21, 2016) is $ 1 billion, which will be considered in the next year’s budget bill, Jahangiri said.

The education ministry is responsible for transferring “its excess workforce to other departments and organizations to improve its human resources management.”

Teachers’ salaries are expected to increase between $50 and $180 based on their proficiency levels. It will encourage teachers to promote their capabilities, said director general of administrative affairs at the education ministry Seyyed Hasan Hoseini.

“Education qualifications, participation in school activities, number of scientific and research articles, and work experience in deprived areas, are among the specific criteria in the evaluation process, which are also considered in hiking teachers’ salary, and thus their social status,” Hosseini added.