‘Matchmaking’ Scheme to Be Launched Soon

‘Matchmaking’ Scheme to Be Launched Soon
‘Matchmaking’ Scheme to Be Launched Soon

A well-intentioned ‘matchmaking’ program that is to be launched in the current calendar year (started March 21) has, however, sparked criticism among some experts and the public.

Mahmoud Golzari, youth affairs deputy at the ministry of youth and sports, said the soaring number of single youth in the country is disconcerting, and the program will address the problem.

“Many believe that marriage is a private affair where governments should not pry, but that is not the proper approach to the burgeoning problem of 11 million singles in the country,” ILNA quoted him as saying.

The matchmaking scheme was devised last year in cooperation with the office of the deputy of youth affairs, and will come in effect from May 22.

It aims to provide specific “intermediary” centers with a matchmaking system where information of applicants is registered and kept confidential, “so two compatible applicants can meet through the intermediaries.”

After each person’s information is verified with official organizations, such as the National Organization for Civil Registration, the two sides are introduced and referred to a registered counseling office.


Some people have contested the plan maintaining that the process of marriage should not take a “bureaucratic form” and must happen in the “natural and traditional way.” They believe the government should not violate people’s privacy; however, the youth affairs deputy views the issue from a different perspective.

Taking stock of the high divorce rates in the country, Golzari said it is the government’s duty to assist the younger generation when families cannot support their children financially or suitably educate them on the path to matrimony, noting that “gender segregation reduces marriage possibilities and meeting opportunities in a traditional society.”

Providing a proper environment “where single people can meet and interact within the ethical and religious values of our culture will facilitate marriage,” he asserted, adding that institutions are continuously encouraged to hold scientific conferences and field trips for further interaction and communication with the youth.