NGOs Can Help Reduce Psychosocial Trauma

NGOs Can Help Reduce Psychosocial TraumaNGOs Can Help Reduce Psychosocial Trauma

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for youth can help tackle the increasing psychosocial harm that is a serious threat to the young population, including drug addiction, impulsive homicides, and suicidal tendencies.

“Such NGOs can be popularized through proper government support,” said Dr. Mahmoud Goudarzi, deputy minister of sports and youth affairs, at the first conference of the Organizing Center for Youth Affairs in Hormozgan Province, IRNA reported.

He stressed that the ministry does not intend to merely increase the number of NGOs, but will seek to empower them “to curb psychosocial trauma among the younger generation.”

There is one NGO per 100 individuals globally; however, in Iran there is only one NGO for every 20,000 people, he rued.

A program to encourage youth marriage has been launched by the ministry and talent identification and organizing leisure activities are also on the ministry’s agenda.

Global surveys reveal that NGOs enjoy a high degree of public trust, which can make them a useful proxy to reduce social harm and its impact on the youth.