Most Nomads Covered by Insurance

Most Nomads Covered by InsuranceMost Nomads Covered by Insurance

More than 95% of nomads are covered by insurance under the Health Reform Plan, says Karamali Ghandali, head of the Iranian Nomad Organization.

Schemes have been implemented to empower nomadic groups, which include using pastures not only for grazing animals but also agricultural subsidiary activities such as apiculture, fishery and tourism, Ghandali said quoted by IRNA. The pastures of Semirom county in Isfahan are among the targeted lands for nomadic activities.

Nomads are also to be provided more facilities. “Nearly 8500 residential places - ‘yaylak’ (meaning summer highland pasture) and ‘gishlag’ (winter pasture) are specified for nomad families.”

He also outlined the importance of nomadic education and expressed hope that Isfahan officials would take the matter into consideration.

“Nomad families play a major role in the domestic economy,” said Rasoul Zargarpour, governor general of Isfahan, noting that “like other manufacturers, their problems should also be addressed.”

Iran has a 1.2 million nomad population who cover 27% of total husbandry activities and are raising over 24 million heads of animals. The southern and western regions of Semirom, annually welcome thousands of nomads migrating from southern parts of Iran.