Electric Buses to be Back Soon

Electric Buses to be Back SoonElectric Buses to be Back Soon

The picture of trolleybuses plying on the streets of Tehran is still alive in the memories of Tehran residents. The occasional overhead cable problems and other inconveniences resulted in their being phased out and replaced by regular transit buses.

The Head of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company has announced that electric buses are now to be put on tracks in the capital soon. This will certainly give respite to the city, coping with air pollution and in dire need of clean energy sources.

Peyman Sanandarji told Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA), that work is underway to bring back electric buses on the streets while ensuring that the old problems no longer exist. He said the old trolleybus route – Shahrivar 17th Street to Railway Square would be the first to put electric buses on track. The refurbishing of old trolleybuses has begun, but ‘’purchasing new electric buses is a top priority,’’ he said. Close to 450 new buses would be bought this year and the same number of electric buses will be added within the next two years.


  Sanandarji said the old causes for complaints by commuters will be a thing of the past, since the new trolleybuses will no longer require overhead wires to be spread all over the streets. ‘’The new vehicles are operated by battery and are much safer for the environment; there may be need for only a single over-the-track wire.’’

Meanwhile, Sanandarji said the final decision on the exact technology to be used and how the electric vehicles are to be employed, will soon be announced.  

In addition to reducing air pollution, electric transport has proved adept at ascending steep inclines. It is also popular as it is ‘soundless’. Electric buses are noticeably quiet, lowering noise pollution thus increasing comfort for those onboard and outside.