Rose Harvest in Kashan

Rose Harvest in KashanRose Harvest in Kashan

Every year 7,000 tons of pink roses are produced, distilled and turned into rosewater and rose oil in Kashan villages. Annually 49,000 tons of different kinds of distillates are produced in the central province.

A kilo of rose petals are needed to produce 2 liters of rose water, IRNA quoted Abolfazl Sadraeeyeh, Kashan governor as saying.

 Flowers bloom between late April and June. At present, rose picking has started in the province.

Qamsar, a small town 31 km south of Kashan, is particularly famous for its rosewater and rose perfume. Almost every family owns one or more rose gardens, which is watered, cared for and weeded during the year.