Charity Organization Helps Turn Bottle Caps Into Wheelchairs

Charity Organization Helps Turn Bottle Caps Into WheelchairsCharity Organization Helps Turn Bottle Caps Into Wheelchairs

Bottle caps may look simple and unimportant objects that normally are consigned to the trash bin, but with a little creativity they can turn into wheelchairs and make life easier for people with disabilities.

The Alborz Charity Organization - also known as Ahsa – recently came up with an interesting innovation that can provide critical equipment for people with disabilities in the country, Salamat weekly magazine reported.  

“We are working with several environmental NGOs involved in the collection of recyclable waste,” said Tahereh Bahrami, head of the charity.

“We proposed to the NGOs the unique idea of collecting plastic bottle caps. Small bottle caps eventually produce large volumes of plastic when put together. We are also planning to design special containers to be used specifically for the collection of bottle caps in restaurants and supermarkets,” she said.

After collection the bottle caps we sent to municipal recycling centers. The charity chief went on to say that 100,000 bottle caps can provide the money to buy a regular wheelchair which costs about $45.”Organized and regular fundraising is indeed vital to charity organizations to keep them going.”

Bahrami said in addition to help improve the difficult life of the disabled, such projects also aim to raise and spread awareness about  recycling benefits and show the masses that taking a few minutes to collect their plastic waste and give it to recycling centers can make a big difference.

Ahsa is involved in other charity work including AIDS harm reduction and supporting women with HIV.