Challenges Faced by Islamic Azad University

Challenges Faced by Islamic Azad UniversityChallenges Faced by Islamic Azad University

The new management of the Islamic Azad University addressed close to 20 challenging issues in various areas, said head of the university, Hamid Mirzadeh, at a meeting of the university council.

The challenges included “some non-beneficial academic branches, interruptions in the execution of development projects, current expenditure increase, change in the population age pyramid, and a noticeable decline in the number of applicants entering the university, especially at the undergraduate level,” he said. The university managers and staff made efforts to address the concerns during the two-year period since they took charge, Mehr News Agency reported. The university is 90% financially dependent on tuition fee and “we plan to reduce the dependency to 84% in the upcoming year, (starts March 21),” he said, hoping to reduce non-beneficial branches and increase investments in the medical faculty by 10,000 billion rials ($ 290 million) before the year-end.