‘Free Drugs’ First Step in Eradication Plan

‘Free Drugs’ First Step in Eradication Plan‘Free Drugs’ First Step in Eradication Plan

Meetings will be held in April to address the issue of “providing addicts with free drugs” as a first step towards eradication of drugs in Iran,  announced vice-chairman of Majlis health and treatment committee Abdol-Rahman Rostamian.

“The plan was first proposed by former minister of health Masoud Pezeshkian, but not executed,” he said, noting that in the upcoming meetings, mandatory for all relevant officials, statistical reports would be presented with the aim of devising a viable plan to curb the growing drug addiction problem, Tadbir news agency reported.

Referring to recent visit of the committee members to Switzerland, he said addicts in Switzerland are provided with drugs in certain locations and centers since the officials believe this can help reduce crime as well as the number of people imprisoned for committing drug-related offenses, he said.

Also police needed to target drug dealers rather than those addicted to dangerous substances.