New Teaching Modules Planned

New Teaching Modules Planned New Teaching Modules Planned

School teachers will be provided with teacher training packages compiled by the science education department of the Curriculum Development Center at the ministry of education, from the next academic year (starts September 23), said head of the department Mahmoud Amani Tehrani.

Teacher training videos titled “Voroojak Ha” (Little Mischief) are currently being produced in mathematics for first and second graders of primary school, and packages for higher grades will be devised soon,” said Amani Tehrani, quoted by ILNA.

The videos give a step by step demonstration of the best and most effective teaching methods for various academic levels “to assist teachers on the job.”

School books for fifth and ninth grades will have new and improvised modules; so also science and theology books for the fourth grade that were previously compiled and taught on a trial run.

The teacher training packages will be made accessible via the newly opened ‘Pakhsh-e-Madreseh’ (school distribution) centers, a comprehensive distribution service for all products of the science education department, including school books and related audiovisual resources as well as other materials approved by the department. The inauguration ceremony of the centers will take place next week.

Amani Tehrani also said the nation-wide distribution of school books will begin late July starting with provinces farthest or remote regions to ensure all students have access to academic resources before schools start in late September.