Misuse of Antibiotics

Misuse of AntibioticsMisuse of Antibiotics

Popping pills without a doctor’s prescription is on the rise. Many people are also taking antibiotics without a prescription.

In fact patients often request antibiotics to be prescribed even though they are not effective against viral infections like common cold, most sore throats, and the flu, said Mohammadreza Boloursaz, head of the health ministry’s department of children’s infectious diseases.

Many illnesses can be cured without antibiotics treatment. “Misuse and overuse of these drugs, have contributed to a phenomenon known as antibiotic resistance. Resistance develops when potentially harmful bacteria mutate reducing or eliminating the effectiveness of antibiotics,” he said.

According to Salamat news agency, Iran is one of the countries facing severe antibiotic misuse and over-prescription. Antibiotic consumption in the country is almost equal to the total consumption in Europe and 16 times higher than the global standard.