Gov’t Gets Good Marks

Gov’t Gets Good MarksGov’t Gets Good Marks

An opinion poll says 63.4% of people are optimistic about the government’s future plans. The poll was conducted by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in four phases - at the end of each season in the current year (ends March 20) - and the results were reported on March 10.

The poll results say 65% believed that the government has adhered to its campaign slogans, and 56.4% said it had met their expectations. Moreover, 54.5% consider the government’s effort successful in fulfilling their needs.

Analyzing the results, the poll revealed that people’s satisfaction with government performance stood higher in winter (54.3%) compared to summer (52.4%) and autumn (54%) and was the least in spring (55.3%).

In terms of meeting their expectations, there was higher satisfaction with the administration in winter (57.1%) when compared to summer (55.2%) and autumn (56%); showing an increase of 1.9% and 1.1% respectively. The highest rate was in spring with the figure at 57.3%.

The government’s annual performance in all areas received scores over 50%, including economic affairs (52.8%), social (57.4%), political (64.8%), and cultural with 59%.

Overall, 56.5% were optimistic about the government’s future performance.

Organized in four phases, the survey was conducted in Tehran and 30 provincial centers on a random basis.