Need For DPT in Education

Need For DPT in EducationNeed For DPT in Education

As the population grows older, muscle and joint related diseases are bound to increase; therefore the higher educational system should offer a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT) in their academic program, urged Reza Laripour, head of the public relations office at Iran’s Medical Council.

He was addressing the 50th anniversary ceremony of the council to honor well-known physiotherapist Mohsen Hashemi, Tabnak news agency reported.

The health system nowadays is oriented towards non-drug therapies, he said, noting: “Physiotherapists consider all mental and physical aspects of a patient’s problem rather than focusing on a particular disease; and a doctorate degree in physical therapy is one of the main concerns of physiotherapists.”

Pointing to the doctorate degree in this field at one time, Mohammad-Mehdi Ghiamat, head of Iran’s anesthesiology association said: “As the DPT degree is not awarded any more, one out of every seven physiotherapists, has to study abroad to acquire the degree.”

He said there are 5000-6000 therapists in Iran, and urged the authorities to take advantage of their potential and award them DPT degrees.

A veteran physiotherapist who introduced physiotherapy in Iran, Mohsen Hashemi, thanked his colleagues who collaborated in the establishment of the medical council. “My colleagues give me hope and confidence to carry out my job as a therapist enthusiastically.”