Outlying Areas Population Rising

Outlying Areas Population RisingOutlying Areas Population Rising

The population residing in unofficial areas shows a 17-fold increase in almost three decades and “unfortunately, the trend is still rising,” said a lawmaker and member of the Majlis social commission.

Alireza Mahjoub blamed the situation on the influx of migrants who abandon their home towns and come to large cities “seeking to improve their economic, social, and cultural status.” However, due to their poor economic plight, “they end up living in ghettoes around cities,” he said, quoted by ICANA news agency (affiliated to parliament).

So far, no government organization has addressed the problem in toto, he said, calling on the Majlis Research Center to investigate the problem and present its report to parliament to help find a solution.    

The increase in dwellers in outlying areas of major cities has given rise to “social traumas” like addiction, cultural poverty, and other harms.

Another member of the social commission had earlier said Iran’s slum population stands at 10 million.  Abbas Salahi had called on the ministry of interior to take action against the increasing number of people seeking shelter in unofficial areas.