IBTO Out of the Red

IBTO Out of the RedIBTO Out of the Red

The Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) is out of the woods after facing its worst financial crisis a year and half ago with a $60 million debt, while its annual income was only $28.5 million.

Ali Akbar Pour Fathollah, head of the IBTO said:  “At present, the current situation is favorable thanks to the health ministry’s invaluable assistance. The organization’s debt has been paid off and from the beginning of the current Iranian year (ends March 20) it has not received any report of blood and blood byproducts shortage from any medical center.”

When the IBTO was in the red, many health centers and hospitals faced blood and blood byproducts shortage. In several provinces, the amount of stored blood and blood by-products wasn’t adequate, IRNA quoted him as saying.

At present, blood transfusion kits, blood packages and other primary requirements are adequate for the next six months and lesser important items are in store for the next 12 months.

This year, for the purchase of the six main items, $11.4 million was spent, which is $2.8 million less than the funds spent in the previous year; since the prices of some items had reduced by 25%.

  Plasma and Serum

The IBTO’s annual plasma production capacity is 150,000 liters. “We are planning to increase the amount to 250,000 liters as it can generate $ 4.3 million in revenue each year.”

The income can be spent on medicine subsidy, he said. The IBTO is also seeking private sector assistance to increase plasma production.

“Annually, about one-quarter of blood products are used in 170 Tehran hospitals,” said Dr. Fatemeh Nadali, IBTO director general. The present state of blood transfusion in Iran is ahead of regional countries and “we are trying to reach the standard of developed states.”