Healthy Clothes Safe for You And the Planet

Healthy Clothes  Safe for You  And the PlanetHealthy Clothes  Safe for You  And the Planet

The sudden boom in the emergence of new brands of “healthy clothes” across  the Tehran metropolis is seen nowadays.

Both the young and old, as well as men and women are switching to clothes “made of natural fabric and yarn” and there is widespread advertising by the manufacturers on their benefits.

“Clothes made of natural fabrics are not only beneficial to health; they are also good for the planet, as they are biodegradable,” IRNA quoted Manijeh Safaeipour, a fashion designer of the garments, as saying.

Such clothes are free of chemicals, and so have advantages “in breathing and in helping reduce sweating. Reduced sweating can prevent pollutants from different sources, including car and factories, from sticking to the skin,” she added.  Also temperature regulation, durability, water absorption and antimicrobial properties are among the other advantages of natural fabrics.

A new research by the Ghent University in Belgium suggests people choose clothes made of cotton and natural fabrics as they are better in absorbing sweat and controlling body odor. Polyester is home to bacteria, which contribute to foul sweaty smell. In addition to cotton, clothes made of natural silk are warm in the winter and cool in summer.

Natural fibers include: cotton, linen (made of flax), silk, wool, cashmere, hemp and jute. Most of the healthy clothing brands in the country use cotton to make their apparel.

Although the number of “healthy apparel” brands is on the rise, however, only a small number of people are accustomed to them.

  Promoting Awareness

“The most effective advertisers of healthy clothes are usually artists, athletes and celebrities,” said Javad Hosseini Nasr, fashion and clothes researcher. “There is a tendency for people to imitate celebrities.”

He said the mass media should promote awareness on healthy clothing. “Making documentaries on the advantages of this kind of clothing can promote its use,” he added.

Somayeh Ebrahimi, a regular customer of healthy apparel believes that wearing clothes made of natural fabric with no toxic chemicals is important for health especially for women.

“Natural fibers look and feel good. They are extremely breathable and surprisingly soft. On the other hand they don’t cling to the body,” said another customer.

It is only in the last century or two that synthetic processes have been used to dye fabrics. For thousands of years before, natural dyeing processes enhanced the color of fabrics and garments. With a renewed resolve “to take better care of ourselves and Mother Earth, we find ourselves resorting to the old techniques that keep natural-fabric clothes well and natural,” said a manufacture.