Free Vaccine for Newborns

Free Vaccine for NewbornsFree Vaccine for Newborns

The Health Ministry will distribute Pentavalent vaccine by the end of the Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2015). The vaccine injection will be free for newborns, said Dr. Hosein Ma’sumi-asl, head of the office for food and water-borne illnesses prevention.

The immunization program is the most important preventive health action in children’s lives as it provides protection against the most dangerous childhood diseases.

Meanwhile, this year there is no problem regarding flu vaccine and it has been distributed in all pharmacies across the country, he said. People should avoid arbitrary use of flu vaccine, which does not prevent cold, he cautioned. Although the vaccine can be used for everyone except babies under six months, it is better to use flu shots only by prescription, Salamat news reported.

Given that influenza vaccine imports are limited, it is recommended for people over 60 years, and children with chronic heart, kidney and liver diseases or diabetes.

Influenza vaccine should be injected immediately as it is stored only in the recommended temperature; failing which it may lose its effectiveness or even become harmful.