Laws & Regulations Portal Launched

Laws & Regulations Portal LaunchedLaws & Regulations Portal Launched

The Laws and Regulations portal of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been launched to keep the people updated on the latest amendments in the field of jurisprudence, said Elham Amin-Zadeh, vice president for legal affairs, at the fourth council meeting on civil rights in Semnan Province.  The provincial governor and a number of officials attended the meeting, Alef News Agency reported.

 With the aim of establishing civil rights in society, the portal will help familiarize people with their personal rights and inform them of the latest changes in the laws and regulations via the Internet.  “Obsolete laws of bygone years are also included in the portal to help people understand the reason for their abolition,” she said, adding that all jurists can benefit from the availability of changes affecting any lawsuit.  

The website categorizes all the laws under 90 main codes, while each code embodies subcategories as well, she said, pointing to the automatic update process of the portal after any small change as one of the website advantages.