Caution on Imported Fruit

Caution on Imported FruitCaution on Imported Fruit

An official has warned people against purchasing “illegally imported fruit” as they lack the required import license and quality standards. The costly imported fruit, which is also produced in the country, should not be patronized and if people avoid buying them, their prices will collapse in the market, said Jahangir Arab, deputy assistant at the ministry of agricultural jihad in gardening affairs, reported Mehr news agency.

The large amount of Iranian fruit export is proof of the high quality of fruits produced in the country, he said, adding: “We only import banana, pineapple, and coconut as they are not produced domestically, and in the case of other fruits, local production exceeds the country’s per capita consumption thus enabling exports.”

 Olive Production

Iran’s olive gardens increased in the last four decades from 4000 hectares to 100,000; likewise, the production and export of some fruits like apple, orange, pomegranate and date and pistachio multiplied four and ten times respectively during this period, he said, hoping to double exports to achieve long-term goals.