Chocolate Boxes Deceptive

Chocolate Boxes DeceptiveChocolate Boxes Deceptive

In spite of diversity in chocolate brands these days, the attractive chocolate boxes tend to disappoint buyers as when they are opened, it is discovered they contain very little chocolate. Customers regularly complain about paying high prices for “almost empty boxes of chocolate,” a report by ISNA suggests.

Manager of Sweet and Chocolate Producers’ Association Jamshid Maghazei explains that chocolate producers reduce the quantity of chocolate in each box “as they pay relatively high prices on the packaging.”

“Most of the chocolate packaging is now handled inside the country, giving the manufacturers a wider variety of packaging choices compared to the past when they relied mostly on imported material for packaging,” he added.

He said the buyers have misconceptions about the contents as they fail to read the information printed on the boxes such as the product weight, ingredients, etc.

Chocolates and sweets are considered luxury products; therefore, the chocolate gift boxes “are in beautiful design as a marketing strategy,” he added. Iran has the capacity for producing up to 2.5 million tons of chocolates and sweets per year, whereas the figure currently stands at 1.5 million tons, he noted.

He also warned that since nearly 80% of foreign sweets and chocolates available in the market are imported illegally, they might have passed their expiry date. He urged buyers to check the validity date of the products before purchasing them.