Counter-Narcotics Operations

Counter-Narcotics OperationsCounter-Narcotics Operations

Increasing counter-narcotics operations was top priority for the Law Enforcement Forces in the current year (ends March 20).

“About 445 tons of narcotics were discovered in the country in the past 11 months, more than 70% pertaining to the eastern region,” said head of Anti-Narcotics Police Ali Moayedi at a national conference of anti-narcotics police chiefs, IRNA reports. Over 2000 drug-smuggling gangs were identified and dismantled by the law enforcement, he added.

During the combat operations, 90 armed smugglers were killed and eight policemen martyred, increasing the casualty rate of smugglers and policemen by 20% and 6% respectively.

“A professional approach is the only way to fight organized crime of drug trafficking, and we have been quite successful in this regard,” Moayedi said. More operations near the eastern and southeastern borders of the country will be implemented, he said.

The police are also battling industrial drugs by targeting retailers.

Moayedi highlighted educating people on industrial drugs and their side effects as one way to combat harmful drugs. “A part of the responsibility falls on the social media and related networks; educational, cultural, and scientific institutes are accountable for the lack of public awareness on social issues like drug addiction, and even seminaries must take action.” The anti-narcotics police chief stressed the necessity of utilizing state-of-the-art technology to identify harmful drugs, and said the “police will be provided with such equipment in the near future.”

The police force is cooperating with the supervision of drug injection centers for drug users under the guidance of the ministry of health and medical education. “Centers lacking a license will face legal action,” he added.