Digital Registration of Property Deeds

Digital Registration of Property DeedsDigital Registration of Property Deeds

Phasing out tons of paperwork and reducing visits by people to the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties (SORDP) has been achieved due to the “correct policies adopted in recent years,” said an official at the organization.

Ahmad Tooyserkani, head of SORDP, during a meeting in Lorestan Province with local registration officials said “registration of property deeds reflects administrative discipline and social order.”

Dwelling on the long history of the organization and its “complicated processes and red tape,” he said “fortunately, the SORDP has developed exponentially in utilizing state-of-the-art technology and ranks high among national organizations in employing advanced electronic systems.”

Services pertaining to registration of deeds play a significant role in everyday lives of people, and “people’s time and appointments must be valued and respected by promoting efficiency.”

Tooyserkani pointed to e-governance in various sections of the SORDP, namely notary public offices and the Company Registration General Office, and said “creating an electronic archive of registered documents is one of the major plans that is currently underway.”

He maintained that such a measure “will create a healthy administrative environment, facilitate quick service delivery and ensure customer satisfaction.

Tooyserkani also inspected various sections of the Lorestan Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties and held discussions with the staff.