Anzali Needs Fish Market

Anzali Needs Fish Market

Vendors still display and sell their fish on pavement surfaces in the traditional market of Anzali, Gilan Province, while this is not a suitable practice for selling freshly-caught fish.
 Fishing is the primary source of livelihood for the inhabitants of Anzali, a city on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. However, many fisher folk sell fresh fish by spreading it on the ground, under the old city bridge, Mehr News Agency reported.
The head of Anzali’s veterinary organization, Navid Safarzadeh said seafood and its role in human health depends “on primary and secondary preventive stages of contamination.”
In the former, the fish should be free from pathogenic agents, particularly those which are common between humans and animals. In the latter, meat extraction, processing techniques, and methods of transfer and supply to consumers are important. “Even a pathogen-free product can become contaminated due to unhygienic transfer, supply and storage methods.”
At present, the status of Anzali fish is favorable and “they are free of parasites and diseases; but we are not satisfied with the methods of storage, transfer and sales.”

 Not Hygienic
Selling fish on ground surface is unsanitary. As the fish provides livelihoods, the veterinary organization has suggested provision of the necessary infrastructure to organize the vendors to conduct hygienic sales of seafood.
The construction of a fish market is deserving of this beautiful coastal town. Since a long time, the people of Anzali are looking forward to a modern market to sell fish. Three years ago, the plan for a fish market was approved and an amount of $857,000 for its construction was allocated; but so far, the work has not commenced.
Anzali is known as the world caviar capital, as 95% of caviar is produced in the city. The preparation and marketing of the precious black eggs is a state monopoly, handled by the Iranian Fishing Company and under the supervision of the finance ministry.

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