Olive Can Curb Desertification

Olive Can Curb Desertification

Olive trees thrive best in climates with mild winters and long, dry and warm summers.
At present, olive cultivation in Saveh gardens in Markazi Province has been successful; therefore attempts can be made to grow olives in areas with climate similar to Saveh.
Olive trees also have fewer attacks by pests and diseases compared to other fruit trees, said Alireza Arbab, an agricultural expert, quoted by IRNA.
At a time when the country is faced with drought and water scarcity, cultivating drought-resistance plants like olives can play an important role in conserving water resources.
The tree grows well in areas with 500-800 mm of precipitation per year and produces a good harvest, so its cultivation in arid areas can play an important role in curbing desertification.

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