Breast Cancer More in Younger Women

Breast Cancer More in Younger WomenBreast Cancer More in Younger Women

Increasing the number of pregnancies can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women and this has been proved, according to Samira Azghandi, executive secretary of the 9th Annual Congress of Clinical Oncology. Breast cancer is the most common disease among Iranian women. Stress is one of the biggest causes of all kinds of cancers.

“Nowadays most women are employed. They also have to do housework and raise children, therefore they are more likely to feel stressed, and this can increase the risks of cancer,” she said. Also unhealthy life style, low physical activity, and environmental pollution contribute to its development.At present, the age of breast cancer occurrence has declined to less than 35 years old in the country, so annual mammography is recommended, starting at age 20. If diagnosed early, the treatment will be easier, she observed. Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of breast cancer.The congress will be held from October 8-10, at the National Library of Iran (NLI) in Tehran.