$83m for Reforms in School Education

$83m for Reforms in School Education$83m for Reforms in School Education

The minister of education has announced that over $83 million has been allocated to raise educational standards and all reforms will be initiated from the new academic year.

Dr. Ali Asghar Fani further said that 5,700 classes were added to schools and announced that the ministry is determined to eradicate illiteracy by reaching out “to every child in every region of the country.”  Some of the initiatives that began last year are still underway he said and stressed that “new changes are taking place in the education system.”

The minister who was speaking at a press conference on school reopening day, congratulated the students and their families on the occasion and urged them to start the academic year with “enthusiasm and vigor.”

Fani said his colleagues at the education ministry had been working since the past eight months “to prepare schools for the reopening day.” The number of students enrolled in schools was 12.26 million so far and a million teachers would be imparting education in schools across the country, he said quoted by ISNA.

 Primary Focus

He said the main focus of education policies over the years was “improvement of human resources, extending participation in the realm of education, promotion of school management, decentralization and proper execution of the education budget.”

Fani stated that although 18,000 teachers are about to retire and more will retire through the year, schools are managing with the existing number of teachers and there is no need to hire more faculty; they have also managed to reduce extra hours of work by teachers by 15%.

The minister said when he took office, the number of students in private schools was 8.5% of the total student population but that number has reached 12% within a year. This indicates greater participation of the private sector in the education field.

More than 125 million textbooks have been distributed this year among students and 15 new titles have been added. “All the teachers have undergone necessary training and are fully prepared for the new academic year,” he said.

He noted that “last year was a quiet and peaceful year for schools,” but added that “all teachers are welcome to express their views within the limits of the law.”