Public Wi-Fi Networks Not Secure

Public Wi-Fi Networks Not SecurePublic Wi-Fi Networks Not Secure

Due to the increasing proliferation of wireless Internet, it is easily accessible everywhere. Through this communication platform, users can connect to the Internet via mobile phones and laptops in coffee shops, airports and other public places. At present many tablet and smart phone owners use public Wi-Fi hotspots. Wi-Fi hotspots are convenient, but often they are not secure. If you connect to a Wi-Fi network, and send information through websites or mobile apps, it might be accessed by someone else.

Setting up a wireless network and the Internet at home is easy. Using wireless network has many advantages, but along with the advantages it can also threaten the users. If one is not aware of the correct way of using public wireless networks, a person’s private information can be easily compromised.

 Risks for Users

As mentioned above, Wi-Fi is free of charge to all those in the area around it in some public places like coffee shops, restaurants, coffee nets, libraries, hotels, etc; therefore the free services don’t have high security and “it is not clear that they are offered by whom and with what purpose,” Alef News Agency reported.

One of the most common hackers’ tricks is to create a fake server. In this way users may connect to the fake server (the hacker’s computer), instead of the main server of the network. Simply put, hackers can trap ignorant users, penetrate their laptop or mobile phones and abuse important private information.

 Cyber Cops Warning

Cyber police have warned about the increasing trend of cyber crimes in the country and offer some preventive tips to users. Accordingly, users should be very careful about using public Wi-Fi. When they use free and public wireless network, they shouldn’t do any banking transactions; and their devices (including laptops and smart phones) shouldn’t contain private or important information.

Users also should not do online shopping when they are connected to the free public networks. It is also necessary for them to change even their email passwords or other important account passwords immediately after using public networks as they are not completely safe.

They should always remember that free wireless internet is not offered only in public places including airports, terminals, commercial centers and universities; even hackers tap into private wireless username and passwords to trap victims, so it is important not to use any unknown open network even at home. Iran’s Cyber police have asked Internet users to report any suspected case of hacking to their address at: