ِDoE:Hunting Weapons Need Separate Permit

ِDoE:Hunting Weapons Need Separate PermitِDoE:Hunting Weapons Need Separate Permit

It will become mandatory for hunters to have permits for their hunting weapons, which are different from the license required to fire the weapon, an official at the Department of Environment (DoE) said. A license for holding a hunting weapon per se will not be sufficient for hunting and the latter will require a separate permit issued by the DoE, he clarified.

Sometimes hunters carry weapons in areas where hunting is prohibited and also resort to hunting game in these areas, ILNA quoted the DoE deputy for hunting affairs Ali Teymoori as saying.

“Due to lack of appropriate regulations, DoE employees cannot prevent the hunters from using their weapons,” he added.

However, once the permits for carrying hunting weapons are separated from the license to use the weapon, it will be easier to prohibit hunters from carrying weapons in places where hunting is banned thus “reducing the risk of incurring damage to the environment.”

The DoE is seeking an enactment to separate the two permits, he said, adding the DoE has suggested that the relevant regulations be included in the Sixth Five-Year Economic Development Plan, starting 2016.

“With the approval of the new regulations, applicants seeking permits for hunting weapons will also need to apply for separate licenses to use them from the DoE,” he said.

Permits for hunting will be decided by the DoE, “which are subject to annual review.” For instance, no hunting permits were issued this year.