Preventive Steps Boost Workers’ Well-Being

Preventive Steps Boost Workers’ Well-BeingPreventive Steps Boost Workers’ Well-Being

The health deputy of the Social Security Organization (SSO) said that preventive measures have been effective in promoting the health and efficiency of the workforce.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Hemmati said professional health planning through assessment and supervision are some of the programs included under occupational medicine by the SSO, reports ISNA.

He said one of the goals of social security is to ensure that the highest standards of occupational health and safety are achieved and “the insured remain at an optimal level of health.”

 Regular Check-Ups

Hemmati said the SSO conducts preliminary and regular medical examination of the beneficiaries; detects the level of toxins and monitors the safety at the workplace; takes up issues of waste management, environmental hygiene and the operation of fire departments at hospitals.

He also said the organization oversees work of firms operating under the health ministry’s authority.

He added that some of the activities are undertaken at health centers where workers are trained by health professionals and preliminary health care is provided. These programs are undertaken in collaboration with the ministry of labor.  

Hemmati expressed hope that the measures would lower accidents and health problems among the workforce, and enable them to reap the benefits of good health and well-being.