Mental Health Screening to Reduce Workplace Stress

Mental Health Screening to Reduce Workplace StressMental Health Screening to Reduce Workplace Stress

All provinces will be covered under the Prevention Plan for Crystal Meth Addiction by the end of the Iranian calendar year (March 20), said Majid Reza Zadeh, head of the Center for Prevention, Research and Development at the State Welfare Organization (SWO).

“People are under a great deal of stress due to long hours at the workplace and have to deal with various issues on a daily basis, which affects their personal and social life.” The SWO has implemented a mental health screening program in association with the ministry of cooperatives, labor and social welfare to address the issue, Mehr News Agency reported.

The plan will reduce tension at the work place, he said, and added that the SWO has set up face-to-face counseling sessions. Hotlines will also be available to people who have “no job satisfaction.”

The anti-meth campaign has been taken up by the media. “The first phase was launched last year in Tehran and Mazandaran provinces and was extended after the wide support it received. More areas will be covered in the near future,” he stressed, adding that the campaign aims to prevent addiction among the youth.